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Boys/Girls Games at Knighstown Indiana HS
Saturday October 31st

Announcing: The  postyourt.org volleyball all star games are now the 

Don Shondell All-Class All-Star Volleyball Games

(produced by postyourt.org)

Coach Shondell is the “godfather of volleyball” in Indiana and a Hall of Fame Coach. His sons are coaches at major Indiana Universities (Dave is head coach at Purdue, and Steve  is head coach at Ball State University).  Coach Shondell was Coach Walker's (postyourt.org founder) college professor in the 1960's.

Stay tuned for date and location  TBA!


PostYourT is the producer of all-star games that honor and showcase top players from all 4 classes - not just the "super stars". We help high school boys and girls to display their athletic talents via our games. 

Our games help to connect our players with college coaches. We are particularly interested in good kids that play sports but are "under the radar" and could use a leg-up from us! Our games give all the players a chance to shine and be honored!

For information, contact Post Your T Director, Mike Walker, B.S., M.A.

Office:  765-779-4110

email:  mike.walker@postyourt.net